Christmas crackdown on counterfeits

Christmas shoppers are being warned to watch out for dodgy deals as millions of pounds worth of fake products are uncovered.

In 2015  more than £56m worth of counterfeit goods were confiscated including £280,000 worth of designer Michael Kors and Moschino handbags, fake jewellery and Pokemon toys.

Items were confiscated at the Port of Dover and airports across the country as Border Force officials step up their searches for the Christmas period.

A Government sopkesman warns that customers of these goods are left out of pocket with the inferior products and often the goods are linked to organised crime.

‘Christmas shoppers looking for a deal this year should be wary of bargains that look too good to be true, from cut price alcohol to heavily discounted electronics, and report anything suspicious.’

Recent Border Force confiscations include £350,000 worth of Bulgari jewellery and £380,000 worth of Louis Vuitton designer handbags, as well as £150,000 worth of Michael Kors cosmetics at East Midlands Airport.

They also discovered 16,400 Apple branded data cables worth £410,000 and £75,000 worth of Givenchy and Celine designer handbags at Manchester Airport.

Also discovered were more than 4,500 pairs of Hello Kitty slippers, worth £55,000, along with Moschino and Michael Kors designer handbags worth over £280,000 at the Port of Dover.

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