Galloways launches Biomaster protected print service

Paper is very difficult to clean, which makes it an ideal breeding ground for germs and a known source of cross-contamination.

There are many environments in which limiting the growth of bacteria on paper is essential. Independent studies show that in hospitals, for example, MRSA can survive on a sheet of paper for up to 38 weeks.

To help meet these challenges, Stockport-based colour print specialist Galloways has launched a new antibacterial print service using Biomaster technology.

Biomaster is applied as a surface coating during the print process to provide effective, lasting antimicrobial protection, reducing the risk of contamination and preventing bacterial build-up in storage.

Biomaster is effective against most common harmful organisms 24/7 and lasts for the lifetime of the paper.

Galloways services include pre-print and reprographics, digital print, litho print, colour management and direct mail.

Sales & Business Development Manager Matt Galloway explains: “We have customers from all types of sectors who can benefit from our anti bacterial print and Biomaster protected paper.

In the food service industry, for example, this specialist paper can be used for order books and menu cards, while in education it can also used for books and stationery. In the travel and leisure sector it is used to provide contamination-free in-flight safety cards.  

Our antibacterial print service is obviously critical in healthcare where essential you can do everything you can to ensure patient safety. Biomaster technology can be used, for example, in patient files help combat the spread of potential infections.”

Addmaster Marketing Manager Karl Shaw adds: “we are extremely pleased to be working with one the country’s longest established print specialists”.

For more information about Galloways antibacterial print service visit or contact Matt Galloway  tel: 01625 870000.

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.