Biomaster takes the floor at top European medical show

Contamination control specialists CBS Medical Srl is to exhibit a new range of self-adhesive floor mats containing Biomaster antimicrobial technology at Exposanità 2020, Italy's premier International Health Care Exhibition.

CBS Medical, which has headquarters near Vicenza in Italy, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of contamination control floor solutions for critical environments. The decontamination mats work by effectively trapping foot, wheel and air borne contamination on their surface, thereby reducing the risk of cross contamination.

The chair of Histology and Cytology at Ferrara University published an analysis of the experimental use of disposable adhesive mats in hospitals showing that the use of CBS Medical decontamination mats resulted in a considerable reduction of the microbial load resulting from with the passage of personnel and also the beds mounted on wheels.

The new self-adhesive mat comprise 30 numbered tear off sheets, made of low density polyethylene with a high bond strength. Uniquely, the decontamination mats do not need frames because of their completely adhesive base and adhere perfectly to the floor.

Each sheet contains inbuilt Biomaster antimicrobial technology designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface. Biomaster works 24/7 for the life of the mat and is effective against most common types of bacteria.

The new adhesive mats are ideal for the entrances to clean rooms, operating theatres, and anywhere else where it is essential to prevent environmental contamination from pollutants including dust, micro particles, bacteria and fungi.

Exposanità 2020 is the second largest health care exhibition in Europe in terms of number of exhibitors and takes place at Bologna Exhibition centre from 15 – 17th April.

For more information visit the CBS Medical website.

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